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About Catherina Williams


Master of all the Spiritual Clairvoyant Intuitive Arts in all Religions Faiths Beliefs Incantations & Incarnations.
American & Internationally Educated in all the Master Magickal Art's.

Over 50 Years Serving Helping & Healing my Clients in all aspects of life's journeys.

Respected - Professional Authentic- Licensed & Certified.

Celebrity Psychic as seen on TV
WWE Wrestling Diva's
Southern Charm - MTV - Brice - Holding World Book of Guinness for largest Voodoo Doll in the world 21ft.8 inches Ect.

If you're at the Voodoo Music Experience Festival, visit High Priestess Catherina in the VIP section.

Experienced Expert in Karma- Past Lives- Unwanted Spirit's- House & Business Cleansing’s & Clearing.

Master in Ceremonies- Rituals- White Magik Spells.

3rd Level Master
Holy Fire Reiki Healing.

Professional Entertainment for all events- conventions- parties.


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I am a professional, friendly, and understanding clairvoyant. My family was involved in my development as a psychic, and I was raised with the clairvoyant gifts.

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Attention to Detail

Guinness World Record Holder


I take pride in doing things outside my usual pursuits. I am a Guinness World Record holder for creating the largest voodoo doll in the world.

Celebrities and Catherina


Stephen Colbert


Lance Bass


WWE Paige


Oliver Kieran-Jones

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Whether you have concerns about love, business, or career, my goal is to help you transform your life for the better. For expert and compassionate advice, contact me for a consultation.